How to Write a Proposal Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions

An essay with solutions can be a difficult and challenging task to complete. Tutors when proposing a solution essay as an assignment, want to check student’s critical thinking and ability to solve issues. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument, it’s an essay where students analyze and write about a topic by identifying and explaining a problem and proposing one or more solutions to the problem and trying to convince the reader to take a specific approach. We gathered few tips for you to ease your problem-solving writing process. Let’s take a look at them.

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Create a Problem-Solution Pattern

Create a problem-solution pattern that will divide your writing process into two parts - one will represent the problem and another - the solution, and focus on trying to change reader’s opinion or behavior. Begin with a little brainstorming, collecting your thoughts and ideas, organizing them, planning out into a problem solution essay outline or a map according to the reader’s mind.

  1. Spot a good topic
  2. Specify the problem. Engage the target audience in the problem by assuring that the problem is important and needs to be solved
  3. Define the solution proposal
  4. Offer on the best solution
  5. Explain that the solution you offer is the best
  6. Oppose objections

Writing an Excellent Essay

Choosing a good topic is an important part of the writing process. To choose one might seem not an easy thing to do but try to think about situations or people that bother or irritate you. If you've thought about a solution for that you may use it as a topic for your essay. Consider also groups (family, friends, college students, hobby and sport clubs, library, hometown community, culture, or language groups, etc.) that you think you belong to and the problems they have; generate a list of the problems and think of solutions that didn’t work or those that could be improved.

When structuring a persuasive solution essay follow the basic essay structure that includes an introductory paragraph with a hook, body paragraphs that analyze data and a conclusion.


In the introduction, it’s essential to define the issue first and present your solution or hint at the solution in a thesis. Try to explain the problem in details if it happens to be unfamiliar, or create a bright image of the issue in case it is well-known. Mention those who should be concerned about it. The goal is to prove that the problem is very important before the stage of proposing a solution. Here are some tips for you to create an introduction to your essay: portray a realistic story about the issue, give specific example of a problem from your personal experience, state facts and information about the problem to make it more vivid for the target audience, specific case, you may use an information from TV, books, movies, etc., how people were affected by problem, and emphasize why it needs to be solved and worth dealing with. After the reader understands the problem the thesis statement proposes the solution and summarizes the solution. Ask a thesis question and propose a valid solution idea you think is the most suitable clearly in one solution sentence that would lead to the body of the essay.

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The body of your paper will conclude three or more paragraphs in which you need to explain the solution of the problem and how it will be solved in details. Arriving at the solution depends on the way of thinking. Every individual does it differently according to the level of knowledge of the problem, attitude towards the problem, even profession or field of study. That is why it is crucial to do a good topic research. Examine the problem in details further. Do not jump into conclusion without considering details. Deciding on the best solution is an important part of writing your paper. Think of the solution that could be achieved effortlessly. Name a person, if necessary, who will be in charge, provide some confirmation about how your solution will work (opinions of experts, cases when it has worked before, facts, arguments). If it requires some steps or actions to be taken, explain them putting them into a problem solution order. Try to prove that the solution you offer will solve the problem in the best possible way; that it is reasonable, cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, better than other solutions. Analyze alternative solutions by explaining in details their processes and results, identify fragility of the alternative solutions. Oppose objections with clear pieces of evidence. The final sentence of each paragraph should have a suggestion - description of other solutions that didn’t work, or a further review of the problem.

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When writing a conclusion of one or more problem solution paragraphs, mention negative sides of other solutions, try to back up your argument with facts and convince the reader that your solution is the best by describing benefits and how the situation will be changed if the plan is supported.

To convince the target audience you need to find an area of agreement with the audience. Try to distinguish your audience for your paper by asking some questions, such as: Who represents your target audience? What do they understand about the issue? What values do they have regarding the issue? What values do you have regarding the issue? What values, principles, needs do you share? What does motivate the audience and how effectively it can be appealed to in your paper?

As with any other essay, every sentence of a solution essay is valuable and all of them should be connected. Edit your writing attentively. Check if an accurate description of a situation was provided which is helpful for the readers to comprehend the issue. Reading the paper aloud might help to spot mistakes and phrases that don’t sound too well. Ask a friend to take a look at your work for possible mistakes, spelling, or any other errors that you’ve missed.

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