One of the most serious problems, which I experienced in my life is a lack of financial resources. It caused me serious discomfort, and I decided to apply the five-step model to problem-solving process. It is useful as it provides the rationale to the problem and the direct route to finding the solution. This model presupposes certain stages, which allow analyzing the issue and dealing with the hurdles on the way to target goal.

The stages of the problem solving process

Identifying the problem

In order to understand the target objective, it is worth clearly defining the problem. In my case, the problem is a lack of financial resources. In order to solve it, I should find a job as it will provide the stable income.

Gathering information

It is one of the most essential steps. At first, it is worth gathering information about job vacancies, the situation on the employment market, and the companies applicable for future employment. This step will assist to understand the situation and determine the most efficient employment sector.

Creating alternatives

The alternatives include the vacant positions, which might serve as future jobs. It is worth taking into account all pros and cons. It will assist to understand what position suits to the initial demands and financial desires.

Choosing an alternative and taking action

After considering all the options, the most suitable ones have to be chosen. After that, it would be wise to apply for the most appealing job interviews. Before the job interviews, one will have to prepare towards them (find the information about the company and its place on the market, estimate the working conditions, financial remuneration, duties, etc).

Evaluating and revising

After conducting all the preparations, it is worth estimating the situation and understanding whether the qualifications stick to the job requirements. Moreover, after obtaining the results of the interviews, it would be wise to consider what position satisfies the initial demands.

To conclude, five-step model is an efficient tool that assists to understand the problem better and find the logical way-out.