Great Problem Solution Essay Topics for Students

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Creative Students

In case you are struggling with problem solution essay topics for your university, have a look at the list below and you will definitely find something to your liking. The topics are divided into several categories:

  • Relationships
  • Society
  • Sports activities
  • Life in College
  • Education
  • Family relationships
  • Transport and driving

All you have to do is choose the topic you like and modify it a little to better fit your own situation. Once you have chosen the best problem solution topic, you can use our article ‘How to Write a Problem Solution Paper’ as a step-by-step guide.

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Problem Solving Essay Topics

The first category in the list of problem solving essay topics is relationships. Students frequently receive a task to prepare problem-solution papers on similar topics.

  1. How to help a person in depression?
  2. What is the solution to a problem of manipulation and domination over people?
  3. Design a plan of helping a friend who keeps making the wrong choices.
  4. Does texting worsen face-to-face communication?
  5. Is it possible to move out of ‘friend zone’? Do you have to do it at all?
  6. How to help your friend end a failed relationship?
  7. Many young modern people do not know what a true relationship is. Write a problem solution paper.
  8. How does a woman show a man that she likes him? How to make the first step without being annoying? Design a brief guide. 
  9. Discuss the topic of racism and discrimination using the problem-cause-solution scheme. Explain what the society has to do to finally solve these issues.
  10. How can people from different cultural and social backgrounds learn to understand each other and coexist peacefully?
  11. How to make distinctions between groups less severe?

Problem Solution Paper Basics

Prior to writing problem and solution articles or papers, design a brief outline in which you will sketch the main components of the paper. In other words, you should already know the answer to the question, ‘What is the problem and solution?” Include in your outline the components below:

  • A vivid description of the problem
  • Find a solution
  • Explain why this solution is the most optimal
  • Consider alternative solutions and explain why your option is more appropriate

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Problem/solution papers on social issues can be dedicated to the following topics:

  1. How can we alleviate poverty?
  2. What are the practical ways of helping the homeless people?
  3. Should the society look for ways to prevent teen pregnancy?
  4. Why do people drive intoxicated and who is responsible for their deaths?
  5. How can we persuade teens not to drive after drinking?
  6. What are pros / cons of divorce? 
  7. What kind of help children from broken homes need to study well at school, build strong relationships with people, and have successful marriages in future?

Below is the list of problem solution research topics that are appropriate for a long paper because there is more than one problem solution pattern to take into consideration. 

  1. What governmental policy is necessary to fight racism?
  2. What can a society do to help the victims of family violence? 
  3. Is it possible to combat poverty if the welfare system is changed? How exactly should it be changed?
  4. How to react to illegal immigration?
  5. What should be done to end gun violence?
  6. What is a successful rehabilitation program to integrate former convicts into the society? 
  7. How to guarantee high-quality healthcare to all people in the world?
  8. Should the world strive for higher literacy rates?
  9. How to stop human trafficking?
  10. How can we reduce the negative effects of violence in media on children? 
  11. Can people be persuaded to give up habits that destroy their health, such as smoking, eating junk food, and consuming too much alcohol? How to encourage them to eat a balanced diet?
  12. Freedom of speech vs. insults and abuse. How to control their emotions?
  13. How to develop good bicycle and pedestrian facilities in your home city?
  14. Should celebrities complain about excessive public scrutiny?
  15. Discuss the issue of data mining. How should the society react to the fact that their internet footprint is used by advertisers, credit rating agencies, and even employers?
  16. How can governments cut unemployment?

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Problem Solution Speech Topics on Sports Activities

Sport is the source of numerous problem solution speech topics because sports activities are an integral part of any society. Choose from the list below to prepare strong problem solution paragraphs for your speech.

  1. Should we limit steroid use among sportsmen? Explain your response.
  2. Do colleges have to pay their athletes? Why?
  3. Is there an effective way to handle business, education, and athletics in a college?
  4. Is excessive training of young athletes dangerous? Support your response with examples.
  5. Choose your favorite sports and describe the easiest way to learn it.
  6. What are the leadership skills of a good coach? How do they motivate their team?
  7. What your local soccer team’s coach can make to improve the effectiveness of the players? What should be done to encourage the fans support them more actively?
  8. What is your favorite sport? How can you become an excellent player of that sport?
  9. Are sports media effective in the way they cover your favorite sports? How can they improve? Is some degree of bias acceptable for sports announcers? 
  10. What games should sports networks cover? 
  11. Do interviews make sport programs more interesting? Do you like to watch sports features?
  12. Imagine your favorite teams lost a big game. How should the coach or team members manage the interview? Should they prepare beforehand?
  13. Sometimes losses cannot be avoided. How can players prepare themselves?
  14. Why retirements or major injuries extract a toll from players’ wellbeing? What should they do to avoid depression?
  15. How much would you pay the players of your favorite game? Should the salary be differentiated based on the contribution of a player?
  16. The money teams make is sometimes huge. How should owners and players share it?
  17. Can sportsmen prevent injuries?
  18. Some parents or coaches put too much pressure on kids. How can we stop them? Where can kids seek help?
  19. What is your favorite sports venue? Why do you like it? How can it be improved?
  20. How would you improve the coaching of your high-school team? If no improvement is necessary, what are the qualities of the coach that you appreciate the most?
  21. Playing sports or watching it: which is better?

Problem Solving Essay Topics

Problem solving essay topics on college life are also complex, so you should be able to write an interesting essay.

  1. How can students obtain college education with minimal debt?
  2. What policies should be implemented to make college affordable?
  3. How to increase students’ effectiveness?
  4. Do excellent grades matter?
  5. Why do students procrastinate? Should they fight procrastination?
  6. The dangers of ‘Freshman 15’ and how to avoid them.
  7. How to eat a healthy diet and stay in shape when the workload is enormous?
  8. How to make students more physically active?
  9. How to find a perfect balance between studying, work, and personal life?
  10. What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?
  11. How to get on well with roommates?
  12. How to convince your parents that you can handle living on your own?
  13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of independent life?
  14. How to calm down your dorm neighbors if you need to study for exams?
  15. Is it possible to maintain long-distance relationships when you study in college?
  16. Imagine you have a suicidal roommate. How can you help him/her?
  17. What should be your priorities when choosing a major?
  18. How to choose the college that suits you best?
  19. How do you calm yourself down if you do not get a scholarship (college admission) you were hopping for?
  20. How to successfully pass a test?
  21. How to make lectures interesting?
  22. How to encourage students to participate in college social and political life?
  23. Is college a safe place?
  24. How report about cases of sexual assault in campus?
  25. Should colleges inform parents about their children’s grades?
  26. How can you help a student whose grades are getting worse?
  27. How to manage stress in college?
  28. What should freshmen do to fight homesickness?
  29. Suggest a course for students to teach them effective money management.
  30. Should there be more programs to support people who want to study in college?
  31. Nowadays, there is a trend to underestimate college education, especially after the stories of people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Does college education matter at all? Can you become successful without a degree?
  32. The pros / cons of joining a sorority / fraternity.

Problem and Solution Topics for the Discussion of Education

If you have to choose problem and solution topics for the discussion of education, do not hesitate to consult the list below. Narrow down the scope to analyze the situation in your country or town.

  1. How to help children whose performance deteriorates get back on track?
  2. What should schools do to alleviate the problem of child obesity?
  3. How to guarantee high-quality education for children with special needs?
  4. How can school management raise funds for sports and art programs?
  5. How to deal with students that misbehave?
  6. Suggest a plan of improvement of programs for talented kids.
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of homeschooling. How can such kids be prepared for college life?
  8. Do nationalized tests keep measure the effectiveness of learning? 
  9. Is there a way to discourage cheating during exams? 

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Family Relationships

  1. If you would like to explore family relationships in your paper, here are the topics for you.
  2. Is parental control over children’s use of media a violation of privacy?
  3. Who is responsible for child obesity: parents or society? 
  4. How to explain to parents that pushing children to make achievements in education, sports, and arts too much is detrimental to their psychological wellbeing?
  5. Is adoption always a good option?
  6. How can families who have children with mental disorders be supported?
  7. What is the best way for parents to teach their children good financial management techniques?
  8. How should parents discipline their children?
  9. How to encourage honesty in a family?
  10. Is religious education important? How can parents teach their children a religion without limiting their freedom of choice?
  11. How do parents notice their child has suicidal thoughts?
  12. Is it right for parents to ask their older kids to look after the younger ones?
  13. How should parents deal with rivalry among siblings?
  14. How do siblings decide who takes care of their parents when they get old?
  15. Does having siblings make you less egoistic?

Best Topics About Transport and Driving

  1. Here are some good topics on the theme of transport and driving.
  2. How can we improve training programs for inexperienced drivers?
  3. How to discourage people from texting when driving?
  4. Choose an area where parking is problematic and propose a solution to improve the situation.
  5. How to encourage a young person to be a responsible driver?
  6. Think about the last stressful driving experience and discuss what could have been changed.
  7. Public transportation is a viable solution to environmental issues. How can we encourage people to give up their private cars and use public transport more often?
  8. Private cars, public transport, and bicycles. Which one do you prefer and why?
  9. Analyze the education for drivers offered by your state. What could be improved?
  10. What can be done to prevent intoxicated people from driving?
  11. Describe your dream route. What transport would you use to get around?