Effective problem solution essay structure: How to make it right

Problem Solution Essay Structure: Build Properly!

When receiving a new assignment, you keep asking the same questions, ‘What should I include into my essay?’ or ‘What is the problem solution essay structure? There are a lot of questions which worry the students who want to be effective in academic writing, especially when it is about the essay in which they have to define problem and solution.

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When writing a problem solution essay, a student is expected to present a certain challenge, conflict, or issue to add a resolution or answer afterwards.

Note that it is essential to specify the target audience and the purpose of the essay before writing. After that, it is time to work on each of the constituent parts of the problem solution essay structure.

Thesis Statement for Problem Solution Essay

You should write an impressive thesis which can effectively outline the key essay argument before working on any other parts. What you have to do is not only developing a broad statement which presents the chosen topic, but outlining specifically outlining the aspects and positions the essay is going to cover. Have a look at the example of a weak thesis:

Ozone layer depletion is seen as a problem of crucial importance.

It sounds like a nice thesis for you, isn’t it? However, it gives only the general topic without explaining the purpose for writing. It does not give any hint about what you will do with the idea either. Now have a look at a different thesis:

Being an extensively discussed topic, the ozone layer depletion demands immediate actions which can be done by each person in the community and serious measures to be taken by the government.

It is a strong thesis as it enables readers to see the main problem and understand what information will be discussed in the remaining part of the essay. In general, only a strong thesis can guarantee that the essay has a clear focus.

Problem Solution Essay Introduction: How to Make It Effective

Having made an elaborate thesis, it is time to work on a good problem solution essay introduction. This paragraph is supposed to draw the attention of the readers and present the topic to be discussed. Introduction is an important part of the essay; therefore, it is a must to make it eye-catching and interesting to read. How can you start it? It can be a rhetorical question asked or a fresh idea in a statement. Moreover, it is possible to open the essay with a funny anecdote or a good definition.

Have a look at one rhetorical question used at the beginning of the introduction.

What would you say to the offer of doing the same thing daily throughout your whole life, if they guaranteed that it would make the world a safer place?

The introductory paragraph format with such an opening will undoubtedly draw your readers’ attention. Try to make the content easily relatable to the audience you have targeted at. Appeal to specific interests of these people. Make your topic narrow and then make a direct connection with the thesis statement, placed at the end of the initial essay paragraph, probably as the last sentence.

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Body of the Problem Solution Essay

Now when you have already understood the problem and solution meaning and constructed your thesis in accordance with the chosen topic, you should work on the body of the essay. This is the most extended part aimed at the development of the key topic or explanation of your ideas. The structure of the body typically includes from two to three paragraphs, and it is important to make sure that each of them has a specific idea which at the same time supports the thesis. 

Let us get back to the problem and solution paragraph with the example of ozone layer depletion. It is reasonable to have one paragraph of the body devoted to the solutions possible for an individual and the other body paragraph focused on the solutions possible for the governments to make. Overall, the paragraphs of the body should include transition sentences at the end and at the beginning. 

The explanations below are devoted to the conclusion essay format.

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Problem Solution Essay Conclusion: How to Make It Effective

The final constituent part, which is of great importance as well, is problem solution essay conclusion. It is the ending paragraph which is added to ensure efficient closure to the whole paper. The structure of those paragraphs includes the parts of a conclusion in a problem conclusion essay which restate the given thesis, provide the summary of the key points, and cover a broad statement for perfect closing. 

You can have either an argumentative conclusion or a persuasive conclusion. Start with the restatement of the key issue and then summarize all discussed solutions. Note that you have to focus on one option only if the essay is persuasive. Finally, close the essay with the last statement so that the readers were still interested and motivated to consider this topic even after they have finished reading.

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