Students Cheating Plagiarism

Students Cheating Plagiarism

Too many students try to cheat their way through high school. Especially in this internet era, cheating has become very rampant owed to the fact that there is rapid progression in the levels of technology as well as the internet. Well, cheating is indeed a bad habit, and it comes as a result of students wanting to earn more marks n something they have not earned. A recent study unearthed the bitter fact that over forty percent of students in High school admit to having cheated at least thrice. The question then remains to be the solution to this menace that is cheating in examinations. It is evident that students engage in cheating since their avenues of cheating have become more urbane and easy. New technologies have made plagiarism and cheating more serious in the contemporary society. 

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Although the student’s grades reflect their knowledge and competence, the reality of the matter is that it is an indication that the students have become accomplished cheaters in examinations. The high tech technological devices always assist students in improving their performance, which is legitimate, but is used dishonestly by students to obtain marks that would rather be forfeited. They use palm sized electronic calculators and computers to store formulas, spelling words, and any other relevant materials that they use to obtain illegal marks in the examinations setting. The students also use silent pagers to communicate with students outside of the classroom, who give them answers. The students also use the electronic devices to access the information on the question papers well before the test. The result obtained from home assignments is shared using these electronic devices via emails and fax. The students that are cautious enough edit the copied papers by changing margins or using different fonts, while others just change the names, print the assignment and hand it over. This is very disturbing indeed.

The question then remains to be which the best way to curb this is ill in students. It is very challenging but feasible. Realistically speaking, the moral character is what lacks in the students that engage in cheating. The development of moral character begins at home as it always is charity begins at home. Parents should set clear ethical standards on their children, and modeling it in them by enhancing the character of integrity. Parents should instill in their children, the notion that cheating, plagiarism or any other form of dishonesty while schooling is not acceptable at all and that the consequences are grave. The teachers should also warn the students against cheating and plagiarizing. The teachers should let the students be conscious of the actuality that they are sentient of the avenues they use to cheat. This, in plain reality, reduces the instances of cheating since the students will be afraid of doing so simply because their tutors are aware of the means they use to cheat. This will in a huge way, curb the incidences of plagiarism and cheating in school going children. 

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Teachers can also play an important role in reducing cheating by blocking all the internet sites considered inappropriate to the learning processes of the students. This is attained by blocking the sites where students can get online mills for research papers and class materials. The teachers can also make use of online programs that help to identify the papers taken directly from the internet. Teachers that suspect plagiarism can use the internet to identify the original documents. Such programs include turn it in, custom writing and many more sites. Thus, it is of prime importance that parents and teachers work in concert to make certain that the problem of plagiarizing and cheating reduces within the students.

The other approach to curbing plagiarism and cheating among students is to develop strict policies that fight for academic integrity. It is important that all the administrators, faculty members, and parents as well as students participate in the formulation of a policy that defines plagiarism and cheating explicitly. The policy should be stern on prohibiting the use of technology for purposes considered illicit. The policy should also establish the appropriate penalties for violators. This policy should be publicized and adopted by all schools in every district and should be implemented in a fair way by the administration and teachers. The teachers have a crucial role to play in curbing cheating when setting the examinations. The writing process can be manipulated by the teacher in an effort to try and trim down plagiarism. Papers that are downloaded from the internet do not have an outline, rough drafts or bibliographies required by a teacher that keeps tabs on each of the steps of the research process. 

The idea of teachers customizing research questions that zero in on a particular perspective also helps to reduce the chances of plagiarism. Specific ideas, like comparing and contrasting two aspects, or customizing questions aid to reduce plagiarism since it is hard to find a document on the internet that exactly matches the one customized by the teacher. This reduces the chances of copying, thus cheating and plagiarism would be significantly reduced through customized quiz structures. On the teachers’ side, it is important that the teachers clearly define plagiarism & cheating to students, and proceed to equip them with the skill of paraphrasing so as to avoid the problems of plagiarism. Thus, it is clear that plagiarism is on the increase, but it is not out of hand since it can be kept at bay using the techniques discussed in this paper. Cheating and plagiarism is a vice that tarnishes the integrity of the learning course of action, and consequently should be kept at bay, no matter what it takes.

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