Student Activity and Stress

Student Activity and Stress

3 Paragraph Problem and Solution Essay

Stress among school going children contributes to poor performance and reduced interest on educational issues. It is contributed by various factors including family background, perception and poor learning environment. Stressed students face problems concentrating and understanding different concepts taught in class. It affects their ability to interact with other students and thus affect their relationships and social integration. Such students may face extended challenges particularly during discussions or group work. They may loose their focus and thus make it difficult for them to realize success in their academic life. Stress may contribute to the development of other detrimental effects such as depression, ulcers, posttraumatic stress disorder, and diabetes.

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Some of the primary solutions to school stress include dedicating adequate time to sleep, involving in physical activities and involving in fun and social activities. In the school, academic pressure may be too high making it impossible to have adequate sleep. Sufficient time in bed creates adequate time for a student to rest and relax the brain. Physical activities, fun and social activities create an opportunity for the body and mind to relax. It is worth to note that such activities provide an opportunity for the student to keep away from the stressing activities and focus on growth and development. Exercises facilitate generation of desirable hormones that help reduce stress and facilitate the development of a positive perception towards life and education.

Physical activities, fun and adequate sleep are effective strategies to reduce or eliminate stress among students. For instance, physical activities and fun tend ensures that students are always involved with positive activities. They lack time to think about their problems and thus develop an improved self-esteem. Such activities help create better friends who may offers much support. Lack of sufficient sleep is a major factor that encourages stress development. Sleep creates opportunity for body and mind relaxation and thus creates room for absorbing additional shock. Sleep boosts the ability to handle challenging issues and manage stress in an efficient manner.

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