Do We Live to Work or Do We Work to Live

Do We Live to Work or Do We Work to Live

Work is a difficult word to describe. What one person regards as a work a different person may regard as a leisure time. There is no dissimilarity between work and life; these two notions are undividable. We live in a contemporary society where we are supposed to work in order to buy particular things we need; nevertheless, people do not work only to live. No one can disagree that the major reason why people work is to acquire funds to live. Money is a vital factor to progress our lives. We have money to buy food, vehicles, clothes, and many other items. Once these basic demands are met, other requirements and wants become significant. Everybody in his/her life needs to learn and develop intellectually and socially and a person’s work usually gives this opportunity. It is important to understand whether you are basically a live–to-work or a work-to-live kind of human being.

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Work is also a way of achieving new aspirations in life through developing new talents and gaining wisdom of new things. It allows people to develop and completely realize their potential. Some people work in order to be able to afford the fundamental things in their life, whereas others work because of financial gain. When one works for financial gains, he/she can be economically independent, and have some power over other people’s existence. This permits people to build up reasonable prospects in their lives, and, as a result, to decide what career pathways they would like to choose and what employers they would like to work for. For the most part, go-getters who do extremely well in getting the occupation they want are individuals who work to live. The same is likely to be correct for people who rise to higher levels of administration.

Many people complain about work. A greater part of them view working as an exceedingly hard, insipid and low earning hardship. They always dream to live a life full of satisfactions but at the same time free from work. Unfortunately, in reality, it is impossible to live without a work. Everybody needs to work, no matter whether he is a millionaire or a common man stressed with poverty. The most common explanation for people to work is to obtain massive knowledge, wealth and to take pleasure in life. The idle man is not a contented man. He needs to include work in his life. It makes people learn and gives vitality. If a person refrains from any sort of work, he/she weakens with time and has high chance to die earlier. Research shows that the rate of death amongst those who stop working is higher than of those who work.

Another thing is that some obligations cannot be considered as equivalent to work, since they illustrate various responsibilities and activities that are not connected with the work people are paid for. In one way or another, the critical reason why everyone around the world works is an aspiration for a better life. It is broadly thought that people work exclusively for money. Nevertheless, it is only one of the many significant intentions of working, and often there are many benefits that people acquire from work without even consciously understanding them. Nowadays, people work to live, as well as to understand and carry out their duties in society, to be useful for the community, and to keep their minds active. A lot of people work because this is the only way they and their families can survive. Through working, people are able to provide the basic needs for their families and the society. Also, work provides them with a strong sense of why they exist.

When the house work is equally divided between the family members, they together can contribute to making life more enjoyable and harmonious. In the same way, a country is most flourishing when its every inhabitant makes their little contribution to make it prosper. As a matter of fact, if people do not work, they tend to be sluggish; sluggishness promotes spending and wastefulness. Apart from that, if people do not work, they have time for overindulgence in costly distractions, prolific shopping, and so on. Understanding this, many people, even the fortunate ones, prefer to work in order to keep away from extravagance, and to be useful. Therefore, work shows them not only the significance of labor and possessions, but also the significance of prudence and economy. Those who work keep themselves self-motivated and in excellent shape. Work also keeps the mind preoccupied since people use less time thinking and pondering over the things that have so far profoundly affected their lives.

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Work is also the most excellent way for people to get pleasure from life. Individuals who work to live view their work as a hustle, which function is to earn a livelihood. They are motivated by completely different things, and their work is only means to a conclusion, not a conclusion itself. Some of these individuals endeavor to cut corners, to achieve the utmost pay for the least amount of effort. Others do take immense pleasure in their work, and put immense effort in doing their work well, but their work simply is not the heart of their lives. It is not easy to live in this world. Those who fight, and those who “struggle” are the ones that outlast the others. This is why many people have had the misunderstanding that work is essential and one ought to “make a living”. At the present time, we live in a society where we are supposed to work to make money, so we can live and buy what we need; nevertheless, people do not work only to live. There are quite a few other explanations of what people work for, such as using their free time in a manner that they like and in order to please their collective needs. Also, a lot of people work to satisfy their social need, which is part of living. When people go to work, they get acquainted with new people and make new associates. Because of these reasons, there is no possibility of enjoying life.

The most appropriate approach to management would be the behavioral approach, which tries to identify what motivates people to do a good job and what he or she requires to be given a good job. When a person becomes demotivated with their job, it is basically due to dissatisfaction with the physical and environmental factors. These factors consist of personal life, income, work surroundings, relationship with the management, company rule and regulations. These factors are crucial for the effective functioning of any management and if they are in poor condition, it usually leads to demotivation. If a management paid particular attention to such factors as growth forecast, career promotion and accomplishments, people would be more motivated since their existence has great motivational significance.

My philosophy toward work is that I can demonstrate and put in my skill, talents, responsibility to it and it gives me the matching outcome of what I have done. So, if one performs a good job in his or her position, they will get good outcomes for their work. This, in turn, makes someone a better person who shares his understanding and expertise and develops his individuality for the betterment of his work. In any place of work, it is more advantageous for a management to be relationship oriented rather than task oriented. This is due to the fact that, as compared to task oriented people who basically focus on getting the needed task done at hand in order to accomplish an objective, being relationship oriented creates greater solidity in groups, as well as better team learning. This may entail offering additional benefits, interacting with team members to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and forming a transparent and non-competitive work setting. This kind of a management has a stronger individual impact and an encouraging outcome for self-esteem. Therefore, being relationship oriented towards work is more efficient for positive-result oriented management.

In conclusion, we live in a modern society where work is considered vital for survival. When someone works, he or she gets money and this is an essential factor for the progress in people’s lives. They use money to obtain food, vehicles, clothes, and many other items. Once these essential demands are met, other necessities and wants become significant. Work also helps an individual to learn and develop intellectually and socially in his or her life. This is why I believe that people should work to live rather than live to work. I also think that it is better to be relationship oriented rather than task oriented because it provides solidity in groups, better understanding among employees and better team work.

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