A Proposal to Hire a Front Desk Receptionist Essay Sample

Improving a Customer Service in Hempfield Recreation Center

Hempfield Recreation Center has two front desk receptionists but they are not able to serve all the customers fast, so visitors have to queue for quite long time. Besides, these staff members cannot interact with children and teenagers well, so the last ones make noise. The solution is hiring one more front desk receptionist, who can work when the organization has many visitors. The possible schedule is Friday evening and Saturday. In addition, this person could work in the mornings on other days if necessary. The Center sometimes organizes special events that means the third customer service staff member can also help there.

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Problem: Absence of the Professional for Serving Children and Teenagers in Hempfield Recreation Center

The customer base of Hempfield Recreation Center has been expanding. In particular, the Center has customers of various age groups including children and teenagers. Hempfield offers them various programs, so visitors have a wide range of opportunities for improving their mind and body. The three main groups of sports activities are aquatics, fitness and wellness, and tennis. The competitive advantage of the Center is its sport coaches who are able to motivate any person.

However, I have noticed one issue in managing labor resources there. I am also a visitor of the Center, so I have been able to scrutinize the work of the staff. These observations as well as my personal interactions with the organizations personnel have revealed that Hempfield Recreation Center needs a new employer for customer service at front desk. Although the business has two people on this position, they cannot deal with all thte customers especially in busiest periods.

On Friday nights, Saturdays as well as during special events, I saw many people near reception. Some of them were nervous and stressed because they had wait for about twenty minutes to receive an answer to a simple question, discuss payment options or schedule another appointment. It is very uncomfortable because they come to the Center to relax after work or school not to feel additional stress.

In addition, this situation has negative impact on the work of the personnel since they have to work under constant pressure, which reduces their productivity and motivation. The staff turnover is high on this position; particularly, I have noticed that the customer service workers change at least every four-five months. It has negative effect on both customers and the organization as the Center needs to spend additional resources on training a new employer, whereas visitors experience customer service of lower quality because new staff members need some time to adapt to new working conditions.

Another part of the problem is that available customer service workers do not have enough skills and knowledge to work with children and teenagers. Although most of customers of these age groups come with parents, the Centers representatives still have to interact with them. Failing to meet needs of children and teenagers creates additional issues due to the fact that small visitors feel neglected and start to make a noise.

Solution: Hiring a New Person for Working with Customers at the Front Desk

There are various solutions to address this issue with labor forces. To start from, the Hempfield Recreation Center can hire a full-time employee who has an experience of working with kids and teenagers. Consequently, this person would be responsible for serving families with children. Besides, the company can find some volunteers or interns who can come to the Center on busy hours.

However, these two variants have a range of weaknesses. Hiring a full-time worker is not reasonable because the Center has many customers only on Fridays, Saturdays and during specific events. On other days, the number of visitors is much smaller, so the current staff members can deal with all of them. Therefore, the organization would have to spend additional money on employee without any need. As for using the help of interns, it can address the problem only for a short-time period. The Center needs someone who is ready for work on a regular basis because this person needs to learn much information about the business and be trained to work with customers.

As both of the suggestions have disadvantages, I am proposing to hire someone who can work flexible hours especially when the Center has many customers. Another requirement is the ability to work with children and teenagers.

Short-Term Plan

The organization needs some time to select an appropriate person for the front desk. However, it needs to deal with inability to serve all customers right now. Therefore, the company could hire some university or high school students who are ready to work as interns for a short period of time. This could be a valuable experience for them. To reduce time for their training, the organization could offer the position to its customers. The Center has many visitors, so it must be easy to find someone. For this reason, one should print and post an advertisement with information about the vacant position. This solution does not involve significant expenses because customers know the main information about the Center.

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Long-Term Plan

The company has to hire someone who can work flexible hours. Ideally, this person can have another job and come to the Center when necessary. First, the organization can offer this position to coaches working with children or teenagers. Second, they can hire a university or high school student who does not have classes on Friday nights and Saturdays. Normally, the place has many customers early in the morning and in the evenings, so the student can also come at this time too, whereas other customer service staff members can replace him/her during special events.

Explanation of Reasons

Hiring the third front desk receptionist working flexible hours is a good solution due to few reasons. First, it allows avoiding unnecessary spending. The easiest way is to hire a full-time worker but it is unreasonable because the Center is not busy all the time. Second, the idea allows attracting someone who knows how to interact with children and teenagers. Customers of these age groups frequently create additional stress for the personnel and other visitors because they cannot stand silently for a long time. The available staff cannot deal with this issue but the new staff member would make children and teenagers quieter. It is recommended to choose a student or a trainee working with kids, so they can make a contact with the smallest clients. In fact, children and teenagers are very important customers for the organization because they will continue to visit the place in the adulthood together with their own offsprings. However, this is possible only if the Center satisfies their needs and makes them want to return.


The average salary of a front desk receptionist is $11-12 per hour (Front Desk Jobs, 2016).Therefore, the Center would have to spend at least $440 per week on a new employee working full-time. However, hiring a person only for busy periods significantly reduces these costs. The Center works until 10 p.m. on Friday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday (Hemfield Recreation Center, 2016). The organization can find the employee for five hours on Friday (from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and for twelve hours on Saturday. This would cost the Center $187 per week. Additionally, the organization can offer the new worker to work during special events. Besides, this staff member can work in the morning (from 6.30 a.m to 8.40 a.m.), so this means that the organization would have to pay about $110. At the same time, the new employee needs some time to adapt to the organization, so at first, he/she could work only on Saturday and on Friday and earn about $187 weakly. If an individual demonstrates good performance, he/she will be offered more hours.

The short-term plan does not require any money because inters will work without pay. Other customer staff members will only need to share their work experience with a temporary co-worker. In fact, using an intern might serve as an additional promotion for the organization because this means that the Center supports the community where it operates (The Young Entrepreneur Council, 2011). Besides, this plan allows spending more time on searching a qualified staff member for working on a regular basis. It could be a long process because the plan presupposes hiring a person for about 17 hours per week. This amount of hours is appropriate for people having another job or those who are not able to work full time due to some reasons.

The Requirements for a Front Desk Receptionist

The candidate should be able to work flexible hours. The possible schedule is from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday. In addition, the Center has the right to offer the person to work at some other time if necessary. The applicant should be friendly and be able to work with children and teenagers. The work with customers is sometimes stressful, so the candidate needs to be able to resist pressure and learn quickly. Apart from salary, the person will have a free membership. Students and the Centers couches have more opportunities to apply for a job because they understand teenagers and children better than other potential candidates do. Work experience is desired but not obligatory because the Center provides training. The requirements for interns are the same. The only difference is working without pay.

In conclusion, the absence of enough number of customer service staff creates problems for the recreation center and customers. Both parties are constantly under stress because lack of labor forces leads to long queues near the front desk. Besides, some of the Centers visitors are children and teenagers, so they need someone who can satisfy their needs and interact with them well. The organization does not have such person right now, so children make noise in the facility. The possible solution is hiring a new front desk receptionist, who can work flexible hours. It would be difficult to find someone who meets all the requirements, so the organization can use interns for a short time. The new staff member will cost the organization about $190 per week. This is cheaper that hiring a front desk receptionist for a full-time position.

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