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Internet Addiction

The internet has changed people’s lives either positively or negatively. To some, the internet has helped them to communicate more with their friends and their families. To others, the internet has been a nightmare as it is the source of their downfall either at work or in school.

Influence of Culture on Learning and Motivation

This paper considers the concept of culture in terms of adult learning theories and the way it affects the learners’ motivation. To ascertain the impact of culture on the student’s learning and their motivation, the paper will first examine the relationship between culture and motivation, and then connect motivation to learning.

Culture and Socialization

The events in the book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom take place in the 22nd century, basically in Walt Disney World. This world is ruled by competitive adhocracies, each focused on rendering the best experience to the visitors. A detailed analysis of this visionary society from the sociological point of view will be given below.

Classical Music Popularity Amongst the Young Generation

Classical is the so-called "academic" music, which is related to the succession of musical genres and forms (opera, symphony, sonata, etc.), melodic and harmonic principles and instrumental composition, emerged in Europe in the XVII-XIX centuries. In other words, the classical artwork is the music of the past centuries that has stood the experience of time and has the audience in today's society. Nowadays, classical compositions precipitously lose the popularity and become unknown for the majority of young people.

Is Divorce a Solution

There are happy, problematic and even disastrous marriages, but perfect marriages do not exist. One of the partners may feel that he or she is dissatisfied with the relationship any moment, starting with the honeymoon and ending with the retirement. A divorce is not an easy process, because it often raises many problems such as portioning out property and deciding with whom children will stay. Thus, many couples try to save their marriages as long as they can even if one or both of them suffer.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become a rife thing in most nations across the world. In this case, millions of dollars are being spent every year in order to prevent abuse of drugs, treat drug addicts as well as prevent crimes related to drug abuse. Despite the fact that drugs tend to pose threats to most nations, their impacts can be combated. This paper presents the problem of drug abuse in the society and tries to indicate some of the possible solutions to the same.

Homeland Security

The government of each country worries about the security of the state, its citizens and resources. For this reason, many security institutions and departments are created around the globe. Thus, it was proposed to establish the Department of Homeland Security in the United States of America in 2002.

Media Reports on Terrorism Attacks

Today there has been a constant rise in the acts of terrorism worldwide. There are claims that media coverage, especially newspaper and video, directly results in more attacks. It comes from the analysis that both terrorists and media systems benefit from terrorist attacks. While the media makes money from the sale of newspapers highlighting terrorist attacks, the terrorists, on the other hand, get publicity for their cause. Most media overages thrive on conflict.

Student Activity and Stress

Stress among school going children contributes to poor performance and reduced interest on educational issues. It is contributed by various factors including family background, perception and poor learning environment. Stressed students face problems concentrating and understanding different concepts taught in class. Stress among school going children contributes to poor performance and reduced interest on educational issues. It is contributed by various factors including family background, perception and poor learning environment.

Develop a Problem Solution Plan

The delays in project procurement approval leading to increased cost meted to the contractor is a rampant thing in many projects though a lot of knowledge or skills have been expended in managements of projects. Although, some practitioners have said that this practice cannot be avoided. It is imperative that projects are established with a quest of making profits and maintain national standards guided by the cost, scope and timely factors. This research paper tries to look at likely causes of lengthy procurement approval process and its consequent changes and its solutions.

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