What is a Problem Solution Essay Indeed?

If you ask what a problem solution essay is, probably the first thing you should know is that it is a type of writing which is intended to notify on some complicated issues and figure out the possible ways to deal with them. This is one of the most widespread writings that are performed more often than we suppose and contain two adjacent features – a point of view and a recommendation. These features create a notion of a problem solution essay adding their peculiarities into a structure. The impact of an essay depends on how persuasive it is and how successfully it fulfills its purpose.

As long as the urge to find out ways to deal with something is innate to our mental processes, this approach becomes one of the main aspects of almost all the subjects, from humanities to technical directions. Specialists in the most various fields seek for fresh views to get a solution to this or that task. This process requires a lot of skills and abilities, including observation, analysis, insight, originality, awareness etc.

Those learners who know how to write a problem solution essay, are acknowledged also that it presupposes some level of empathy, that is, they must predict the needs of a reader, their interests and concerns and figure out ways that will suit them according to their mindset. So, it is a sustained effort, isn’t it?

Here’s a schematic representation of what does this essay type consist of.

First and foremost, you state a problem which is to be solved, taking into account the tips mentioned above concerning prediction of reader’s concerns. In case you choose to state the situation a consumer isn’t acquired with, there’s a need to provide ground of its importance.

Then you give and support an alternative solution which must be logical and consistent.

When stating the reasons of specifically yours solution, make sure you follow a few but significant principles:

  • your way is effective at resolving the situation to the maximum;
  • your way is workable and possible to take up;
  • your way is able to predict probable crits and stand against them;
  • your way is superior to any other options.

Whatever position you support, your goal should be to get into a reader’s ear but not underestimate or disrespect their viewpoint. That is why your writing must be tolerant and careful. Try to present your problem solution essay ideas like the discovery of all the available options and figuring out the most efficient one.

Straight to the Point

Think of a certain set of things that will help you move forward with your essay and create the main and probably the most responsible part of it. What is the amount of points you give consideration to? How exactly you present them? Name the means and ways. How do all of the presented situations develop? Which consequences are attained from your points?

There’s no need to come up with a huge bunch of points as you’ll have to work with all of them later, and, obviously, it’s easier to cope with a fewer number. More is not necessarily better.

While writing the body, consider three positions: stating the situation, giving the solving to it and getting the results.

To get a properly worked out solving, try out these pieces of advice. Estimate the number of characters who take part in the whole situation and who are connected with this or that aspect among your essay points. You may as well make a list of them and put on the scenarios in front of each character. When you offer a solving, always try to be precise and get into specifics to not only give a general and multi-purpose variant, but to encourage the direct action, that is, to show all the means that will have a real effect and deliver remarkable results.

Getting Into the Essence of a Problem and Solution Essay

This essay type has acquired such a title above for a reason, as it is states all the important components of it. Now let’s clear out the peculiarities of problem solving essays structure.

Every problem solving essay is designed to identify the issues of a certain affair and provide means of eliminating the possible obstacles. Having taken a look at some of the samples, you’ll see that a problem solution essay structure contains four elements. These are a situation, an issue deriving from this situation, a way (or ways) to resolve an issue and the estimation of acquires results.

Actually, a situation does not necessarily have to be a part of an essay itself, or it may be stated at the beginning of the latter. What concerns estimation, it usually composes the final part of an essay.

If you go deeper into the structure of problem solving essays, you’ll notice two different patterns according to which they are created. Some essays are built in such a manner that the represented issues line up before the ways of resolving them, everything in their own sections. Other essays present an issue and a corresponding solution directly after it, and every other issue in an essay is developed according to this principle. The first option is usually applied to relatively brief writings, and the second one on the contrary.

Learners have to work with problem solution essay topics pretty often as it shows their evaluative, critical, analytical and creative skills. Every learner should be acquainted with their structure which is similar to other essay types structure, by the way. It has an introduction displaying an issue and making an appeal to a consumer, a body providing certain ways and means to resolve it, and a conclusion giving assessment to the whole situation.

You have to remember also that a problem solution essay, as a rule, persuades a person whether to tend to choose the very presented solving or to take action on a certain issue immediately.

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